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How to get the Liza Emanuele Look

Mary Calandro Makeup Artist Adelaide Liza Emanuele State of Grace Look

The eye pattern I created for Liza’s photo shoot and fashion parade was intended to be strong and dramatic. Read on to find out how you can replicate the look for a night out!

Mary Calandro Makeup Artist Adelaide Liza Emanuele Look Closeup

The Base

To achieve this look I primed the models eyelids with Eye Basics and this immediately removed all underlying eye tones. It gave me a clean eyelid to work with as I wanted to be sure that the eyelid stayed fresh with colour as well as no creasing in the crease area.

The Colour

I then worked with my Tuxedo Caviar Stick applying it with my finger and an eye brush.  Blending and pressing onto the lid as I go. Once the colour was blended and shaped to her eye shape I then applied Laura Mercier Noir Eye Shadow Colour and there was no fall out because of the caviar stick which created super hold.

This intensity lasted all day throughout the photo shoot and also for the parades. I also added specs of Celestial Eye Colour with a clean brush in order to achieve some highlight on the lid to create some glow and shine. Black Creme Eyeliner in Noir with an angled brush completed the look and then I added black mascara and a few individual lashes to complete the look.

The Look

This look can be translated to any eye shape for a great night out makeup. If you don’t want this intensity try soft hues in browns and soft greys. For example use a tint eyeshadow as the underlying colour eg Laura Mercier Sesame, Sandstone or Morning Dew. Then add a shade eyeshadow such as Coffee Ground, Bamboo or Café au Lait on the eyelid and blend, pressing the colour onto the eyelid rather than brushing. Add a small amount of tone with Topaz or Burnished to create highlight where you want to achieve some light on the eyelid. Practice makes perfect, have fun mixing colours together to create your own eye palette.

Mary Calandro Makeup Artist Adelaide Liza Emanuele Look Face
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